Recommendations for special cases

Antistatic equipment


All Starmix vacuum cleaners with sockets for craftsmen are "antistatically prepared". This means that they have an electrically fed intake fitting, which is connected to the earthing cable. Electrostatic charges can be caused by the friction of the dust in the suction hose, which can then discharge under sparking. Furthermore, the electrostatic attraction increases the contamination of the suction hose. To avoid this and non-dangerous, yet unpleasant electric shocks, some of our vacuum cleaners are already equiped with an antistatic suction hose. For the other vacuum cleaners from all series we offer an antistatic suction hose.

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Variable use through accessory change


An application-specific accessory set is contained in the scope of delivery of every Starmix vacuum cleaner. To prepare the vacuum cleaner for another area of application, it only has to be equipped with another accessory set. The Starmix accessory programme offers many possibilities for this. This way, an ISC power tool vacuum cleaner can be used to vacuum an office floor in no time at all.

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NANO Filter

NANO Filter

Health-endangering dusts demand certain safety measures, e.g. a dust retention capacity of the filter of at least 99.9%. The FKPN 3000 NANO ­filter and FPN 3600 NANO filter provides better cleaning results than a filter without NANO coverage. The dust particles cling less strongly to this specially covered surface - thus longer and more convenient work is possible. For use with ISP- / ISC- L and M vacuum cleaners or uClean and eSwift vacuum cleaners.

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Intermateable hoses

Zusammensteckbare Schläuche

To bridge large distances between the vacuum cleaner and the vacuum zone, two 5 metre long suction pipes can easily be joined together. Distances greater than ­10 metres may - depending on the material being vacuumed - result in a loss of suction. This is negligible with fluff or fine, light dust, but may become more obvious with heavier materials. 

Plugging the two hose ends also prevents any residual dirt remaining in the hose from falling out during transport. In addition, the transport is easier to handle. 

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