The starmix dry vacuum cleaner

Stars for the dry cleaning

starmix dry vacuum cleaners are your professional partner, whether it’s for commercial or private usage. Tailored to meet the requirements of commercial and private use, the vacuum cleaners are characterised by their high performance, energy efficiency and ease of use.

Dry vacuum cleaner QUADRIX 18V-L

AKKU-Trockensauger QUADRIX 18V-L

Battery powered vac. cleaner ready anytime, anywhere.

Dry vacuum cleaner QUADRIX 18V-L (w/o batt. pack/charger)

AKKU-Trockensauger QUADRIX 18V-L (w/o batt. pack/charger)

Battery powered vac. cleaner ready anytime, anywhere.

Dry vacuum cleaner TS 714 RTS HEPA

Dry vc TS 714 RTS HEPA

Enormous suction power for comfortable and fast work.

Dry vacuum cleaner TS 711 BASIC

Dry vc TS 711 BASIC

The optimal device for cleaning companies and home use.

Quiet efficiency on four wheels

Their maximum power consumption of 700 watts means that dry vacuum cleaners from starmix comply with the Ecodesign Directive for vacuum cleaners. Implementing this requirement ensures that you benefit from innovative and powerful motors the generate minimal noise pollution. Above all, this low noise emission allows usage during ongoing business operations. You can clean hotel rooms with the starmix dry vacuum cleaner just as quietly and effectively as meeting rooms or your company's reception area. The non-tilting chassis with four wheels ensures additional efficiency. They form the basis for the commercial and industrial vacuum cleaners' high degree of manoeuvrability, which in turn has a positive effect on optimising the workflow. So time-consuming tipping or cumbersome manoeuvring of the compactly constructed vacuum cleaners are a thing of the past due to their high degree of directional stability. The integrated sliding skid is especially advantageous for rolling over doorsteps in a barrier-free and safe manner.

You also benefit from the selection of different dry vacuum cleaners that can be used with an additional non-woven filter basket in place of a bag or with a five-layer non-woven filter bag. This is an indispensable option for dry vacuum cleaning, especially for commercial applications.

Dry vacuum cleaners are professionals for every application

Starmix dry vacuum cleaners were designed to meet the highest demands. For example, house dust allergy sufferers benefit from the innovative HEPA filter technology, which is particularly important for hotel operations. This technology leaves nothing to be desired in the private sphere either. The 700 watt dry vacuum cleaner without bag or filter bag allows you to remove coarse dirt just as efficiently as the finest dust particles.

In addition to providing the best possible cleaning performance, the professional dry vacuum cleaners, operated with or without bags, also meet other important requirements. These include tried-and-tested operating convenience using generously designed foot pedals or straightforward one-handed transport. Stepless power regulation and a floor nozzle with supplementary air ideally adapts the suction volume to the substrate.

The ideal vacuum cleaner for every application

>Starmix can look back on more than half a century of experience in developing innovative cleaning appliances. Wet and dry vacuum cleaner are an important element in our company's core competence. Try them out and optimise your work processes with a starmix industrial vacuum cleaner, whether you’re looking for a wet or dry cleaning appliance.