The starmix wet/dry vacuum cleaner

Stars for the wet/dry cleaning

Starmix offers a comprehensive range of wet and dry vacuum cleaners in the trade and cleaning sector. The right vacuum cleaner for every type of application.

Wet/Dry vacuum cleaners for the craft

Wet/Dry vacuum cleaners for craft

For dust-free use on construc-tion sites and in workshops.

Wet/Dry vacuum cleaners for dust-free applications

Wet/Dry vacuum cleaners for the cleaning

For professional cleaning in industry or at home.

Wet and dry vacuum cleaners - high-performance in industry and commerce

The requirements on wet and dry vacuum cleaners are very high in industry and commerce. That is why starmix solutions offer an innovative combination of performance, multi-functionality and durability as well as safety-related aspects. These are all indispensable prerequisites for efficient usage in a wide variety of situations.

Max individuality requires a wide range

Wet and dry vacuum cleaners must reliably meet the stringent requirements of a wide range of applications. This is only possible with an equally wide range of products. As a wet and dry vacuum cleaners specialist, starmix designs high-performance solutions for customised use. The vacuum cleaners clean large areas as well as removing both fine and coarse dirt from machines. They are just as suitable for special applications, such as vacuum cleaning boilers, as they are for extracting large quantities of water and other non-flammable liquids such as drilling emulsions or coolants. Depending on the application, you can use the appliance with or without a special collection bag.

All appliances that can be used as wet vacuum cleaners are fitted with an automatic water level detection system via sensor or float.

Starmix vacuum cleaners - the innovation for crafts and trades

Whether it’s in workshops or on construction sites: working with high dust emissions is hard on the environment and your health. Starmix vacuum cleaners reliably vacuum up fine and problematic dusts of the L to H-asbestos dust classes in the direct vicinity of the power tool, thus minimising dust pollution.

Direct power supply of your electrically operated tools via a socket integrated into the wet dry and vacuum cleaner ensures maximum freedom of movement and safety for handling the vacuum appliance and the power tool. All starmix appliances of course come with a special antistatic preparation system for use on construction sites or in workshops.

In order to optimally meet your wet and dry vacuum cleaner requirements, our wide product range offers a wide variety of appliances. Our appliances offer you a wide range of 1200 to 1600 watts to choose from. This also applies to the container volumes we offer to help you find the appliance that best meets your needs. Depending on which wet and dry vacuum cleaner you choose and whether you use it with or without a bag, our wet dry vacuum cleaners offer a volume of 20 to 55 litres.

Efficient and custom-tailored to your needs

Wet and dry vacuum cleaners from starmix are the specialists for all trades and industrial sector cleaning applications. They stand out in tests and actual usage situations due to their high performance, durability and functionality, thus facilitating efficient work processes.