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As a tradesman, you supply your customers with uncompromising quality. As a business in the sanitation sector, you and your employees do a good and clean job. And as a responsible host, you make sure that all the equipment in the washrooms of your hotel or restaurant provide excellent performance. Why make do with second-class equipment? Exactly. Our vacuum cleaners for tradesmen, industrial use, cleaning business use give above average results. Our pump vacuum cleaners as well as our hand dryers and hair dryers are true stars in their sector and provide excellent results. Just like you.

Starmix vacuum cleaners – sophisticated technology as the logical solution

We do not compromise, but deliver truly high-tech solutions. One example: the special vacuum cleaners for tradesmen from the Starmix ISP iPulse series. The wet-dry vacuum cleaners allow the user to work in a dust-free environment; even in situations where problematic dust is produced when working with wood or plasterboard. The Starmix ISP iPulse creates ideal working conditions for outstanding results. The NSG uClean all-purpose vacuum cleaners with a blow velocity of 215 km/h, innovative smart stop for particularly practical and safe handling is another alternative. You can find out more about our vacuum cleaner technology here.

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Cleaning equipment and hairdryers: consistently efficient

But our expertise is not limited to designing outstanding power tool vacuum cleaners, industrial vacuum cleaners and multi-purpose vacuum cleaners, nor do we want to limit our skills to that area. Therefore, we also continue our research and development on our efficient AirStar hot air hand dryers, handheld and wall-mounted hairdryers. These are perfect examples of our extensive expertise for cleaning equipment and sanitary products.

Do you want to find out more about our vacuum cleaners for tradesmen, industrial vacuum cleaners, dry/wet vacuum cleaners for cleaning businesses, hand dryers and hairdryers? Get in touch with us!