ELECTROSTAR as an employer

What makes us unique.                  

Our employees represent the most valuable basis of our success. They are the reason that we have been renowned for top quality worldwide for 100 years.

And to ensure that this remains the case, we offer our employees a working environment characterised by innovation, freedom of scope, development opportunities and a caring approach.


We stand for innovation.                  

We and our employees are proud of our history. Thanks to good ideas and innovative capacity, we set new standards. Join us in continuing to shape the history of the German economic miracle.


We allow people freedom of scope.         

You will not find routine at our company. We trust our employees and allow them scope in their actions. This means that they can play a meaningful part and contribute their own ideas. Each individual takes on responsibility and works independently, helping our company to make progress every day..


We facilitate personal development.

We further our employees individually and offer them opportunities to shape their career themselves.


At our company, you are valued as a person.                   

We attach great importance to respect and mutual support. We collaborate in an honest, open and trusting manner. We all pull together.

Each employee enriches the company through their personality. Traits that we value particularly highly are authenticity and kindness.

We look forward to welcoming you!


This is what we have to offer:                 

  • Remuneration in line with the industry standard
  • Company pension scheme
  •  Flexible working hours and home office
  • Workplace health management

In addition, we offer the following benefits:

  • Employee parking
  • Joint sporting events
  • Discounts on various leisure activities
  • Employee events