Get your work done quickly with a battery power tool – so handy! Too bad that the battery tool can’t be connected to the vacuum cleaner, for the comfortable Auto-On/Off function. Enough of that! Due to the world innovation - Cordless Control - now not only mains-connected Powertools, but finally also battery Powertools can be vacuumed with automatic start/stop. The sensor detects the operating status of the power tool and passes it on via radio signal to the radio socket. This switches EVERY vacuum cleaner on and off, regardless of the brand.



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Universally applicable

The radio-controlled socket makes Cordless Control compatible with any corded vacuum cleaner and any commercially available power tool.

Manual operation possible

The vacuum cleaner can also be started manually with a push button on the sensor. Cordless Control can thus be used as a remote control when vacuuming on a ladder, for example. 

Distinguishes type of vibration

The sensor of the Cordless Control is specially programmed for the vibration spectrum of power tools.

Simple pairing

Transmitter and radio receiver are paired out of the box and ready for immediate use - plug in and go!

Long battery life

The battery built into the sensor can last up to 10,000 hours with the power tool switched on. Afterwards it can be easily exchanged.

Tough - prepared for every situation

The transmitter is waterproof, UV-resistant and temperature-resistant from -18°C to +50°C. With a shock resistance of up to 2 tons we are prepared for anything. 

Multiband brings flexibility

The sensor can be attached to suction hoses of any common diameter or directly to the Powertool.

Complete aspiration

After switching off the power tool, the connected suction cup continues to run for a few seconds to suck in any dirt remaining in the hose. 

how it works:

1st step

First, the radio socket is plugged into the socket, then the vacuum cleaner is plugged in.  



2nd step

The sensor is fixed. The multiband can either be wrapped around the 
hose (short band) or directly attached to the machine in use (long band).  

3rd step

Switch on the vacuum cleaner as usual. If the Powertool is in action - vibrations are detected - the vacuum cleaner starts automatically. If the tool is switched off, the vacuum cleaner also switches off after a few seconds of overrun. 

When working without a connected machine, the vacuum cleaner can be controlled by pressing the button on the transmitter. 




Scope of delivery
Winner of the World Tool Award                           

1 × radio socket (EU version, country variants on request)
1 x Transmitter Cordless Control (incl. Li-Ion button cell CR2032)
3 x fastening tape (1x for hose Ø35, 2x universal) for attachment to hose or power tool