Design and hygiene go hand in hand


Design and hygiene go hand in hand

Gourmet restaurant 5 relies on design disinfection dispensers from ELECTROSTAR/starmix

Stuttgart/Ebersbach, 26. 01. 2022 – Hygiene is a top priority for restaurants. The corona pandemic has reinforced this even further. In order to guarantee a comprehensive hygiene concept in all areas, Michael Zeyer, Managing Director of the 5, opted for the "puredico" disinfection dispenser from ELECTROSTAR/starmix. The device convinces not only with Swabian craftsmanship, but also with its unusual design.       

White plastic housings and often still operated by hand - this is how we know the disinfectant dispensers in supermarkets, restaurants and public facilities. For the 5, star restaurant and Traveller's Choice on Tripadvisor, these unattractive devices are not an option. Even when it comes to hygiene, not everything goes, as long as it works. "We wanted the perfect appliance that fulfilled all our wishes and that includes that it fits stylistically into our design concept. We don't make any concessions, neither in terms of food, technology or look," Zeyer emphasises.

Intelligent design for absolute hygiene
Technology and design go hand in hand in the "puredico" from ELECTROSTAR/starmix. The modern disinfectant dispenser made of refined aluminium in the highest quality of workmanship shines in both black and champagne. Whether free-standing at the entrance or as a tabletop unit, the device designed and made in Germany is quickly ready for use and even more quickly converted. Thanks to the automatic sensor control, everything works without touching. An indispensable factor when it comes to preventing the spread of viruses. A practical tray completes the well thought-out design and catches what does not land on the hand, for all-round cleanliness.

The "puredico" is designed for frequent use: The simple AA batteries only need to be changed after up to 25,000 actuations. The refillable gel disinfectant container also lasts a long time with 1000 dispensing cycles.

In addition, starmix developed a special gel that is not only virucidal and antibacterial, but also nourishes and moisturises with hyaluronic acid. With a scent of aloe vera and green tea, it leaves hands smelling pleasant while it rids the skin of unwanted viruses, bacteria and fungi. "In this way, "puredico" meets the same high standards that the 5 sets for its cuisine - a cuisine, by the way, that absolutely deserves its Michelin star," says Gorovoy, Managing Director of ELECTROSTAR/starmix. 

Carefree enjoyment during Corona
With this well-rounded overall concept, the 5 also welcomes gourmets during the crisis and pampers them at the highest level. For this, chef Alexander Dinter prepares a wide selection of extraordinary creations and exotic trifles, including vegetarian and vegan dishes. "The guests are thrilled. They feel safe thanks to the guaranteed cleanliness and enjoy our menus without any worries," says Zeyer.

About ELECTROSTAR GmbH/starmix
ELECTROSTAR/starmix - a piece of German industrial history that is being continued with great success in the 21st century. The industrious Swabians have been manufacturing hoovers since 1921 and invented the hot-air hand dryer four years later. In the years of the economic miracle, starmix achieved world renown: the universal starmix kitchen machine became a bestseller that no good household could do without. Today, ELECTROSTAR GmbH, which has been part of the Algo Group since 2007, stands for innovative technologies, outstanding quality and uncompromising customer orientation. Under the starmix brand, the company develops, produces and sells a wide range of powerful vacuum cleaners for trade, commerce and industry worldwide. From the starmix sanitary business field, modern warm air and high-speed hand and hair dryers as well as an extensive hospitality product range complete the portfolio. Since the acquisition of Haaga Kehrsysteme GmbH in 2012, innovative sweeping machines have also been part of the product range. In 2020, ELECTROSTAR/starmix and Haaga Kehrsysteme merged. The company employs around 200 people at its sites in Ebersbach. With the two brands starmix and Haaga, a turnover of around 41 million euros was generated in 2020. 

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